Patient Safety Topics
Emergency Preparedness

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Pennsylvania is vulnerable to multiple threats and hazards. These include severe weather, floods, fires, tornadoes, hazardous materials spills, active shooters, terrorism, and infectious disease outbreaks.

While each of these threats is a problem in and of itself, they also may cause disruption to vital supplies and services such as power, telephone, potable water, food, medical supplies, and gasoline.

Long-term care facilities may access and utilize our resources to prepare for such disasters.

Educational Tools

​​Long-Term Care Emergency Preparedness Plan
This plan provides guidance and direction to staff in the event of an emergency or natural disaster situation in order to effectively respond to the situation. 


​The Patient Safety Authority (PSA) hosted a 12-month Long-Term Care Emergency Preparedness educational series as identified by respondents of the 2020 Pennsylvania Long-Term Care Facility annual survey requesting assistance with emergency preparedness.

The goal of this series was to provide facilities with education and resources to assist in developing and enhancing their emergency preparedness plan to protect the lives and property of residents, staff, and visitors.

Safety Tips for Patients