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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Initiatives​

​​2020 Authority Strategic Plan
The strategic plan for the Authority adopted by the Board in November 2020.​

​​2017 Authority Strategic Plan
The Authority continues to be committed to its key programs. However, the Authority also believes that expanding its outreach to patients and other sectors will enhance patient safety for all patients in the Commonwealth.

2012 Authority Strategic Plan
Following the 2007 strategic initiatives, in 2011, the Authority again sought stakeholder input. The primary output was the identification and development of critical issues facing the Authority and strategic directions that should be taken by Authority staff to address said issues, discussed in its 2012 strategic plan.

Alignment of Authority Activities with National Patient Safety Priorities
The Authority has a comprehensive patient safety mandate and seeks to further build on its successful track record in pursuit of this mission. To this end, as outlined in its 2012 strategic plan, the Authority sought field and expert input to assess its alignment with national patient safety priorities. An excerpt of the findings, focused on alignment with national priorities, is available through the above link.

2007 Authority Strategic Plan
Following feedback from key stakeholders, the Authority developed a comprehensive strategic plan that addresses the patient safety needs of Pennsylvania’s healthcare community to better protect patients.