May 2018
Medication Safety: Hospital and Doctor's Office
Nursing, Pharmacy

General Tips

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        • Always keep an up- to-date list of all medications you take, including over the counter drugs like vitamins, herbals, and nutritional supplements.
        • Include any allergies on the medication list and what happens when you take it.
        • Take this list with you wherever you go.
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Tips When You Are in a Hospital/Nursing Home

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        • Give your up-to-date medication list to the staff at the hospital or nursing home.
        • Tell everyone about any allergies that you have.
        • Make sure the staff check your ID bracelet before they give you any medications.
        • If the medicine does not look like what you usually take ask, “Why was this given to me?” before you take it.
        • Make sure you know the name of any new medicine and what it is used for.
        • When you are leaving, make sure the staff goes over your medications that you are to take when you get home.
        • Remember to update your medication list if there are changes.

Tips When You Are Visiting the Doctor's Office

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        • Give your up- to-date medication list and allergies to the doctor.
        • Ask the doctor to explain any new medication they are prescribing, including what they are for and any possible side effects.
        •  Ask the doctor for any information sheets on the new medications.