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The I AM Patient Safety award is an annual contest that recognizes and celebrates healthcare staff for their individual or collective commitment to and influences on patient safety. It is a chance for us to celebrate the things that go right each day in healthcare to make our patients safer. We will also highlight two runners-up in each category to honor more patient safety heroes for their extraordinary work. We at the Patient Safety Authority (PSA) invite you to nominate individuals or teams who have made a difference in patient safety.

​Award Categories

    Executive Director's Choice

       1.    Ambulatory Care/Surgery Facility 

    • The winner will be an individual or a team who advanced surgical safety

      • Examples include developing an innovative intervention to prevent surgical site infections, creating a process to prevent wrong-site surgeries, and involving patients in an improvement project

      2.    Improving Diagnosis

    • The winner will be an individual or a team who enhanced the diagnostic process or made considerable effort to reduce diagnostic error​ ​

      • Examples include improving patient/family communication around the diagnostic process; expanding the diagnostic team with nonproviders, e.g., nurses, therapists, techs, and patients; crafting technological solutions to reduce misdiagnosis; and improving the diagnosis and management of a medical condition

      3.    Individual Impact

    • The winner will be an individual who made a significant impact on a patient or their facility​

      • ​Examples include taking steps to provide exceptional patient care, providing a heartfelt moment for a patient/colleague, creating a fun/innovative care environment, and stories that makes you say “Wow!"​

      4.    Long-Term Care Facility 

    • The winner will be an individual or a team who advanced patient safety at a long-term care facility 
      • ​Examples include identifying and communicating a safety concern, initiating a new program/process to prevent infections, involving residents in a patient safety initiative, and reducing the rate of a healthcare-associated infection or other safety-related metric

      5.    Nationwide Warriors

    • Open to any individual or team in the United States    
      • The winner will be an individual or a team who went above and beyond to advance patient safety, developed innovative harm reduction strategies, or created a nurturing care environment for their patients

      6.     Physician Offices

    • Open to medical offices independently licensed or part of a larger health system
      • The winner will be an individual or a team who demonstrated the importance of patient safety in the physician office setting

      7.     Safety Story

             Near misses are circumstances that could have caused patient harm but did not 

    •  The winner will be an individual or a team who intervened before an injury occurred
      • Examples include reporting an event that catalyzed facilitywide change, implementing a new inspection process following equipment failure, and identifying a potentially catastrophic situation

      8.     Sepsis

    • The winner will be an individual or a team who advanced the diagnosis or treatment of sepsis
      • Examples include developing a new/better process for early recognition, creating a more robust treatment model, and implementing a successful initiative to reduce sepsis mortality

     9.     Time-Outs

    • The winner will be an individual or a team who best used or innovated time-outs
      • Examples include using a time-out to prevent an adverse event, implementing bedside/procedural time-outs, and innovating surgical time-outs

     10.    Transparency and Safety in Healthcare

    • The winner will be an individual or a team who improved transparency to advance patient safety
      • Examples include demonstrating commitment to transparency by leadership, broadly disseminating lessons learned from an event, designing and implementing a new process to link disclosure and system improvement, and employing an integrated team approach to safety and transparency 


Judging criteria


Judges select individuals and teams from nominations, submitted by healthcare facilities throughout Pennsylvania and throughout the country, for their individual and/or team commitment to imprving patient safety.

  • Evident commitment to patient safety
  • Focus on high-level changes (for example, barriers and forced functions) and replicability
  • Indicative of strong patient safety culture in the facility
  • Initiative taken by individual/group

Past Winners

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