I AM Patient Safety 2022 Individual Impact Award

​​2022 IAPS Individual Impact Award Winner Kristen Keane, Phoenixville Hospital

Kristen Keane, RN, Short Procedure Unit
Phoenixville Hospital

Kristen Keane had a patient going home with multiple drains. She brought a family member back to educate them on emptying the drains and discharge instructions. The family member stated they pass out at the sight of blood and could not do it, and the patient was unable to do it herself. Keane devised a plan to use the patient's cellphone to FaceTime another relative who could help with the drains. She demonstrated and explained exactly what she was doing and recorded the video as a reference. Keane called the patient the next day to check on them and how their caregiver was doing with the drain process. The family member was using her video as a reference.

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