I AM Patient Safety 2020: Long-Term Care Award

2020 IAPS Long-Term Care Award winners at Windy Hill Village group photo

Tara Gregory and Falls Prevention Team

Windy Hill Village

The falls prevention team at Windy Hill Village, led by nurse aide and unit clerk Tara Gregory, has worked diligently over the past two years to decrease resident falls and improve resident quality of life.

The team has made process changes in the community that involve additional check-ins with the residents that are completed by the nurse aides at the beginning of each shift and 15–30 minutes before the end of each shift. These checks help to better anticipate resident needs, therefore preventing falls. They also allow for extra reviews to ensure care planned interventions are in place.

Through review of resident fall data, the team has identified those residents that are at highest risk for falls in each neighborhood. This information is reviewed regularly, revised as needed, and shared with the interdisciplinary team. Better sharing of information allows all disciplines to be more vigilant of high-risk residents and to make everyone aware that if they cannot meet a resident's need, they should call for assistance and stay with the resident until nursing staff can meet the need. When working on the unit, all staff (e.g., nursing, dietary, housekeeping, maintenance, laundry, community life, therapy, etc.) must check-in with these residents, increasing visualization and recognition of potential needs.

The team provides ongoing education to all community staff and celebrates goals that are met throughout both the neighborhood and community. These celebrations of success ensure staff are aware of positive outcomes due to their diligence. Decreased numbers of resident falls and improved outcomes have been noted since the inception of this program.

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