2024 IAPS Time-Outs Award Winner, The Department of Surgery,Jefferson Abington Hospital

The Department of Surgery, ​Individual picture: Dr. Orlando Kirton
Back row: Dr. Mitchel Edelson, Dr. K. Mathai Kurien, Jeannine Gerolamo, Dr. Gianfranco Galantini, Darrah Schmeltzer
​Front row: Kimberly Farley, Dr. Kristin Noonan, Kerry Baker, Karen Richeal​
​Jefferson Abington Hospital​

The Department of Surgery at Jefferson Abington Hospital identified an opportunity to revise its time-out policy when there is a change in surgical modality, such as minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopic or robotic) to open surgery. When there is a pivot from one procedure to another, a mandatory second time-out will occur. This is an innovative solution to a low-volume, high-risk situation and puts patient safety first.​



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