IAPS 2024 Physician Offices Award Winner


2024 IAPS Physician Offices Award Winner, Dr. Mohamed Shitia, Dr. Kevin Colleran, Dr. Arron Wey, and Dr. Shazad Shaikh Geisinger Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Scranton

Dr. Mohamed Shitia, Dr. Kevin Colleran, Dr. Arron Wey, and Dr. Shazad Shaikh
Geisinger Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Scranton

Terri Krevey writes: My daughter has been a patient with this orthopedic group for the past five years. She is a senior this year. She played intermural soccer for two years and travel for 11. During her travel career she played on two teams within her club, in two different age groups. She played ODP [Olympic Development Program] for two years as well as guest played for other teams. Practice was twice a week and two to six games on the weekend. We traveled all over eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Tournaments and league games were all year round. We were deeply invested in soccer.​

In her 8th grade year, at a tournament, she went for a block tackle and went down. She had to be carried off the field. We went to urgent care and they recommended orthopedics. She saw an awesome orthopedic physician, Dr. Kevin Colleran. He was comforting and informative. He felt it could be one of two things: a fracture or an ACL [anterior cruciate ligament] tear. We all were scared. After an MRI, our biggest fear was an ACL tear, but to our hope and surprise it was two slight fractures in her growth plate of the femur. Dr. Colleran followed her through the recovery process, and she was back to playing soccer in the fall, both travel and now high school.

On a Saturday in the spring of freshman year, her travel team was in the semifinals for the State Cup Championship. They won. On that same weekend she played for the Level Up team within the club; with two minutes left in the game, she went for a block tackle and went down. Again, carried off the field. Back to the orthopedic office. MRI#2 showed an ACL tear. Because of her age she saw the pediatric orthopod, Dr. Shazad Shaikh. He was so compassionate, caring, and friendly. He explained everything. She missed her entire sophomore year of high school. She was back on the field for her junior year thanks to Dr. Shaikh. It was a long haul, but she was back to playing and they won Conference and District titles that year.

In the winter of our daughter’s junior year, in a league game, she rolled her ankle over the ball. MRI#3 and another big injury, tears to the tendon and ligament in the ankle and an issue with the medial talar dome. Dr. Arron Wey steps in after Dr. Shaikh left the area. He was friendly and compassionate. High school track season had started. she made it through half of the season before having to be non-weight bearing for six weeks. Then back to the soccer field she went after not being able to finish the track season.

She still had pain and it was getting worse. A sports medicine specialist then stepped in, Dr. Mohamed Shitia. With a complete and detailed examination, he made several recommendations that helped our daughter through her senior year—conference and district titles for the third straight year. The Scranton orthopedics team members were incredible beyond words. The future is hers to take thanks to this group of physicians.

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