A newborn laying in a hospital infant bed.
Preventing Pediatric Falls

​​​​While analyzing falls reports for a hospital’s pediatric inpatient unit, a nurse manager recognized that the fall rate exceeded the nationwide benchmark for falls with injury. Although reducing pediatric falls is difficult, since falls in children are often related to normal development, the nurse manager and staff were committed to the goal of reducing their occurrence to beat the benchmark for Magnet-designated facilities. As adult activities were not applicable in the pediatric population, the team reviewed the literature and developed a new bundle of action items with parents, which includes staff working with parents to review a Get Well Network “Monster” video that describes the risk of falls in children in the hospital; a child-focused fall prevention poster in every patient room which reinforces safety; and a “Safety Contract” for parents and family to sign, which stays in the patient room for the entire stay and outlines key actions that parents or extended family members agree to do with their children while they are in the hospital to ensure their safety.