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August 2020 - An in-depth look into the immune system, the contact-tracing process trying to keep COVID-19 from spreading, a look at the steps being taken to combat superbugs, and more
July 2020 - A deeper look into how vaccines are made, providers prescribing highly addictive pain medications for mild conditions, service workers struggling with anti-maskers, and more
June 2020 - Our quarterly special editions feature articles, stories, interviews, and more from our journal, Patient Safety. In this issue you will read about healthcare professionals experiencing burnout during this pandemic; one woman’s story of how hospice not only improved, but also extended her mother’s life; and read evidence-based research and data analyses that will help you prevent harm and improve patient safety.
May 2020 - A chilling look at the long-term impact COVID-19 has on patients, the unexpected relationship between the pandemic and the opioid crisis, and more
April 2020 - Medical workers on the frontline fighting COVID-19 are suffering from more than just PPE shortages, black Americans are finding themselves more susceptible to COVID-19, and more.
March 2020 - How one patient learned the importance of speaking up for her own health; follow a mother's painful journey from losing a child to becoming a patient safety advocate; and evidence-based research and data analyses that will help you prevent harm and imporve patient safety
February 2020 - The number of people with coronavirus is rising and so are efforts to contain it, medical companies are targeting you right now with online ads, caregivers are the worst at caring for themselves, and more
January 2020 - A rural town loses its only hospital, restricting opioids in an ER leaves some patients in pain, the bleak future we face with fewer doctors and effective antibiotics, and more.
December 2019 - You will hear how a tragic healthcare journey led to positive change, learn about the Camden Coalition’s efforts to build a field of complex care, and arm yourself with evidence-based research and data analyses that will help you prevent harm and improve patient safety.
November 2019 - Troubling trends in clinician burnout, a new treatment for Alzheimer’s, school nurses bring telehealth to their students, and how measles can reset your immune system.
October 2019 - New research on the lasting impact of bullying, the latest info on vaping-related lung injuries, tools to help patients communicate better with their care team, and more.
September 2019 - How Pennsylvania is fighting the opioid crisis, learn why health literacy is important to patient safety, and arm yourself with evidence-based research and data analyses that will help you prevent harm and improve patient safety.
August 2019 - Breaking down Medicare, tips on keeping everyone safe from violence at long-term care facilities, using artificial intelligence to predict and prevent sepsis, and more
July 2019 - How climate change may affect your health, why we need new defenses against C. diff and UTIs, and why some researchers focus on preventing cancer rather than curing it
June 2019 - What happens when sperm banks deliver the wrong babies, how unicorn horns are helping doctors study ADHD, and new research shows sepsis survivors are at higher risk of death.
May 2019 - The importance of taking time to get to know your patients, the role robots can play in healthcare, digging deep for new antibiotics, anesthesia goes green, and more!
April 2019 - New tools to fight stubborn superbugs, rethinking medical missions, updated FDA guidelines on mammograms, and how to get kids excited about having an operation.
March 2019 - Technology’s impact on patient safety: what Google searches reveal about your health, everyone’s role in improving EHRs, and rising cyberattacks against hospitals. What you need to know this month.
February 2019 - Who should make medical decisions for children, when should a surgeon hang up their scalpel, and where do we draw the line between just culture and accountability? What you need to know this month.
January 2019 - Facebook is screening users for suicide risk, 70 percent of electronic medical records contain wrong information, and a jazz musician undergoes surgery while awake. What you need to know this month.

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