May 2018
Medication Safety at Home
Nursing, Pharmacy

General Tips

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        • Always keep an up to date list of all medications you take including over the counter drugs such as vitamins, herbals, and nutritional supplements.
        • List any allergies on the medication list and what happens when you take it.
        • Take this list with you wherever you go.
        • For more information, go to
        • Save the Poison Help number (800-222-1222) in all of your phones.

Tips When You Are at Home

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        • Never crush, chew or mix the pill or capsule with liquid unless you are told by your doctor or pharmacist to do so. This may harm you.
        • Get rid of all old medicines that you no longer take.
        • Keep all medications and vitamins out of a child’s reach and sight. Consider storing them in a locked cabinet.
        • Read the label every time you take a dose to make sure you have the right drug and that you are following the instructions.

Tips When You Are Visiting the Pharmacy

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        • Try to use one pharmacy to get all your medications. They will then have a complete list of all your medications that are prescribed.
        • Open the bag of filled prescriptions at the pharmacy counter to verify that the medications are for you and are the correct ones.
        • If you are given a liquid medicine, use only the measuring device that is provided. Ask for one if one is not provided.

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