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Patient Information
What Patients Can Do to Prevent Medical Errors

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The Authority encourages patients and their families to participate in their healthcare, to help prevent medical errors. The Authority publishes safety tips for patients based upon real-life events happening in Pennsylvania’s healthcare facilities. These tips include how to prevent wrong-site surgery, medication errors, and falls as well as flu, pneumonia, C. difficile, and other infections. Review the safety tips for patients and other information available on this site to help you participate more in your healthcare.

Top Safety Tips for Patients


Safety Tips Guide
Safety Tips Guide for Patients and Their Families

The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority has made available for print the "Safety Tips Guide for Patients and Their Families." This guide contains all of the Authority's safety tips for patients by topic. Facilities are encouraged to make the guides available to patients and their families so they can have the tips contained in one packet.

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