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The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority (the Authority) supports a data interface to accept Incident reports from MCARE Act of 2002, Act 13 reporting facilities directly through their existing internal incident reporting systems. The data interface cannot be implemented for facilities that are reporting healthcare-associated infections under Act 52 of 2007. The data interface also cannot be implemented for Serious Event reports. Only facilities reporting Incidents can develop an interface with the Authority. Facilities that want to develop interface capabilities should contact the PA-PSRS Support desk at

Links to the PA-PSRS Automated Data Interface Specifications are accessible below. Please note that all information provided regarding the PA-PSRS data interface specifications including but not limited to information regarding the data structure and processing logic of PA-PSRS is owned exclusively by the Authority. This information may be used only in connection with, and solely for the purpose of, the development of an interface between PA-PSRS and an internal reporting system at a medical facility that is both (1) physically located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and (2) subject to the reporting requirements of Act 13. All other use is prohibited without the express written permission of the Authority.

​PA-PSRS Automated Data Interface XML Specifications for schema version 7.0

Requirements for participating in the data interface:

Part 1: System Description
Part 2: XML Document Definition
Part 3: Appendix

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