Patient Safety Authority Launches Statewide Campaign “Knock out the Flu, PA”




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Patient Safety Authority Launches Statewide Campaign “Knock out the Flu, PA”


     Harrisburg, PA – October 6, 2020 – The Patient Safety Authority (PSA) has kicked off Knock out the Flu, PA—a comprehensive campaign that urges Pennsylvanians to get a flu shot.

     The advocacy effort includes a whiteboard video that explains in simple terms the science behind the flu shot and its benefits, while debunking common myths: No, you cannot get the flu from the flu shot, and yes, you need one every  year. A social media campaign featuring influencers and everyday citizens is also underway. All Pennsylvanians are encouraged to join the flu shot challenge by getting vaccinated and posting a photo with the hashtag #KnockOutTheFluPA.

     Last year in Pennsylvania, there were 130,000 influenza cases. While some cases are mild, many lead to hospitalization or death. Fighting the flu also weakens your immune system, which increases susceptibility to other illnesses, like COVID-19. That’s why the flu shot is more important now than ever. October and November are ideal months to get it to keep you protected through the whole flu season.

     “Our immune systems are already strained by the stress of the pandemic and our healthcare system can’t take another battle, especially one that can be prevented or significantly knocked back,” says Regina Hoffman, PSA executive director. “Getting a flu shot also makes it less likely that you’ll give the virus to someone else. We urge every Pennsylvanian to do their part.”


Flu Shots are Readily Available

     Most insurance companies cover the cost of a flu shot, which are available at  physicians’ offices, pharmacies, grocery stores, and clinics throughout the Commonwealth. Find locations here.

     For those who don’t have insurance, several county and city health departments and health systems are offering or are planning free clinics. Among them:

     Allegheny County 

     Allentown Health Bureau 

     Bethlehem Health Bureau

     Central PA – Geisinger Health System

     Lehigh Valley Health Network

     Montgomery County


     Wilkes-Barre Health Department


     Established under the Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error (MCARE) Act of 2002, the PSA, an independent state agency, collects and analyzes patient safety data to improve safety outcomes and help prevent patient harm.  http://patientsafety.pa.gov/

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