Pennsylvania Convenes Expert Panel to Combat Diagnostic Error


Excerpts featured in a special issue of the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Advisory dedicated to improving diagnosis

Harrisburg, Pa., November 2, 2018 — Everyone will experience a delayed or incorrect diagnosis at least once in their lifetime. The causes of which are as varied and complex as their solutions.

The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority (Authority) convened a panel of some of the nation's top experts in the field to discuss how to improve the diagnostic process.

Featured on the panel were Dr. Mark Graber and Paul Epner, co-founders of the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM), Dr. Michael Consuelos, Dr. Christine Goeschel, Helen Haskell, Dr. Joyce Knestrick, Dr. Timothy Mosher, Sue Sheridan, Dana Siegal, and Dr. Hardeep Singh.

The panel discussed a broad range of topics, including whether the current payment system is structured in a manner that prevents diagnostic error, what influence the fear of malpractice cases has over providers, and how much responsibility is appropriate for patients to assume.

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"Whether you are a physician, nurse, allied health provider, or healthcare leader, my plea to you is to choose improving diagnosis as one of your top priorities," said Regina Hoffman, executive director of the Authority. "Diagnostic error affects millions of Americans every year. Lives are lost or forever changed because of this complex problem."

Rebecca Jones, director of the Authority's Center of Excellence for Improving Diagnosis added, "Similar to where we were twenty years ago, before patient safety was on everyone's radar, these are the conversations that needed to be had."

"The articles in this issue offer a glimpse into the depth, breadth, and complexity of the diagnostic process. It is our hope that this publication will increase awareness and inspire action to decrease harm and death from diagnostic error."

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