Pennsylvania Patient Safety Contest Expands – Recognizing Healthcare Workers in a Variety of Patient Safety Categories



Harrisburg, Pa., March 8, 2018 – The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority's annual "I Am Patient Safety" contest reveals the exemplary patient safety efforts of Pennsylvania healthcare workers.

This year's contest expanded its outreach; specifically attracting nominations from long-term care and ambulatory surgical facilities. The contest added nine nomination categories and patients, with facility permission, had the opportunity to nominate healthcare workers who they felt deserved recognition.

Nominations from this year's contest told stories of patient-centered care, process improvement initiatives, innovative solutions to current patient safety challenges, and extraordinary measures to keep harm from reaching patients.

"I Am Patient Safety is our way of reminding healthcare workers that they are making a difference; some through their daily job functions, others from going the extra mile, and others from thinking outside the box. Their efforts support the Authority's mission of safe healthcare for all patients," said the Authority's executive director, Regina Hoffman.

In its fifth year, "I Am Patient Safety" recognizes and celebrates 10 individuals or teams selected from 206 nominations.

The Authority publicly recognizes each winner leading up to Patient Safety Awareness Week 2018 (March 11-17) through a robust social media campaign and formal award ceremony at the Authority's inaugural Pennsylvania Patient Safety Summit (P2S2), scheduled for April 5, 2018.

"The contest's growth indicates that people are proud of their work regarding patient safety. These individuals deserve to be recognized," said Hoffman. "The real reward is that the information, education, and strategies for safe patient care are being applied to truly make patients safer."

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The Authority's mission is to improve the quality of healthcare in Pennsylvania by collecting and analyzing patient safety information, developing solutions to patient safety issues, and sharing this information through education and collaboration. Its vision is safe healthcare for all patients.

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