I Am Patient Safety 2018: Video Award

The Multidisciplinary Falls Committee
UPMC Susquehanna - Williamsport Regional Medical Center
I Am Patient Safety 2018 winners of the "Video" award.

Hospital leaders were concerned that the falls rates on their inpatient units were consistently higher (worse) than the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) benchmark for falls per 1,000 patient days. A multidisciplinary falls committee was formed, and its members decided that what was missing was captivating educational materials for patients and families about falls, explaining the interventions used while patients are in the hospital's care. This education also needed to discuss risk factors leading to falls that one might not always think of—including receiving anesthesia or new medications and having to navigate a new environment—and the fact that a nurse must stay in the bathroom with all patients who are at risk for falling. The committee offered a further rhyme: "Play Ball!" A subcommittee wrote an encompassing and entertaining script with a baseball theme. A sports commentator provides the bulk of the education. More than 100 staff members viewed the video at a red carpet event in the cafeteria for the video's debut. Leaders were amazed to see the staff bond over the video, even singing the falls prevention jingle (based on Anita Ward's "Ring My Bell," sung off-key with enthusiasm in the video) as they worked. The video is available on the facility's patient-education platform, and every patient views it upon admission, which is automatically noted in the electronic medical record. Since the video education was implemented, the hospital has drastically reduced its fall rates and now meets VHA benchmarks.

UPMC Susquehanna - Williamsport Medical Center's "Call Don't Fall" educational video:

Ensuring patients do not fall while in the hospital is critical to their safety and overall recovery. In this “I am Patient Safety” 2018 Best Video award winner, produced by UPMC Susquehanna - Williamsport Regional Medical Center, patients and caregivers are shown the keys they need to remember to prevent falls in a hospital setting.


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