I Am Patient Safety 2018: Individual Impact: Going Above and Beyond Award

Raymond J. Cipollini, Maintenance Mechanic
Einstein Medical Center Montgomery
I Am Patient Safety 2018 winner of the "Individual Impact: Going Above and Beyond" award.

Maintenance mechanic Raymond J. Cipollini is a long-time employee in the maintenance department whose work can involve repairs in patient rooms. One day, a patient had activated the nurse call button, and before anyone else could respond, Cipollini entered the room, using the hospital's AIDET introduction protocol (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, and Thank You). He learned the patient needed help getting to the bathroom and found a nurse to assist. The next day, a senior leader heard a lively conversation coming from the same patient's room. After introductions, the leader asked if the patient and Cipollini were friends. They both responded, "Since yesterday!" Nurses told the leader that Cipollini excels in making a difference for patients. For instance, he often intercepts patients who are fidgeting and trying to get out of bed or pulling at their IV lines, even before the fall alarm sounds. He circles back to check on patients with whom he spoke the day before. Sports-fan patients like that Cipollini stops in to hear the score when a game is playing. Families say Cipollini's visits are different from nurse visits, and help keep their minds in a positive place. Asked for his philosophy, Cipollini says, "It is lonely sometimes in those rooms, especially for our patients who do not have visitors. When I stop in, I hope I take their mind off their troubles and make them smile." These are the kinds of human connections and compassionate interactions that make a difference in patient care.

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