I AM Patient Safety 2022 Ambulatory Surgical Facility Award

​​​Front row: Marlene Jones, Darlene Mitnik, Michele Buckner, Sherri Jacobelli, Middle rowBrittany Herman, Jaclyn Cleary, Terri Yates, Becky Sims, Annette Soxman, Melissa Noce, Kelly Brumfield, Michele DiLucente

Back row: Jesse Hixson, Dr. Gregory Purnell, Bill Stanonik, Dr. Todd Rice

Jesse Hixson, MSN, Greg Purnell, MD, and the AHN-Monroeville Surgery Center Team
Allegheny Health Network – Monroeville Surgery Center

​​In early 2021, surgeons were discussing that they had been experiencing an increased incidence of suture issues after surgery. Jesse Hixson, director of Nursing (DON), met with them and began investigating the suture issues. She expanded the investigation into the broader Allegheny Health Network (AHN) and found that many surgeons in different facilities were having the same problem: some patients just weren't absorbing the suture while others were developing infections, requiring further surgery. In response to this widespread problem, AHN contracted with another suture company to convert to a different product, and no further incidents were reported after the conversion.


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