Lisa Conrad, MSN, RN, Clinical Manager, Surgical Oncology; Amy Magagna, BSN, RN-BC, Assistant Manager, Surgical Oncology; and the Third Floor Surgical Oncology Nursing Team

Fox Chase Cancer Center at Temple University Hospital


Fall prevention is an important initiative for every hospital unit in providing excellent care. Recently, the nursing team on 3 South at Fox Chase Cancer Center reached the significant milestone of one full year—365 consecutive days—with no patient falls on their unit. This milestone supports the Nursing Department’s goal of Zero Harm: a patient safety initiative that focuses on limiting preventable harm in the healthcare environment. As part of this effort, 3 South implemented fall prevention practices under the leadership of Lisa Conrad, MSN, RN, clinical manager, and Amy Magagna, BSN, RN-BC, assistant clinical manager, including using bed and chair alarms; using fall prevention wheels; participating in a hospitalwide fall prevention video called “Call, Don’t Fall,” available on the learning channel of patient televisions; participating in a fall prevention video by third floor staff members; designating unit-based council members to reinforce fall prevention; installing a Fall-Free Day whiteboard in the unit’s hallway; featuring weekly Fall-Free Day updates in the unit’s newsletter; and celebrating every 60 days without a fall with a pizza party.

Staff were educated on the new patient education form developed by the Fall Prevention Committee. The patient education form, for newly admitted patients, was designed to assist the nursing staff to enhance a high fall risk patient’s understanding of why the patient is a high fall risk and includes identification of fall risk factors and fall prevention strategies. The team was also educated on the Environmental Assessment form, developed by the Fall Prevention Committee to be completed by staff twice monthly. This tool focuses on the physical environment of the inpatient room and bathroom and ensures that staff is regularly monitoring the room for safety hazards. Staff committed to hold each other accountable to the Fall Prevention Standard of Nursing Practice. As a result of their efforts, 3 South achieved the significant milestone of being fall-free for more than a year and demonstrated their strong commitment to patient safety.


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