I AM Patient Safety 2019: Video Award

Video Award

Kathryn Farrell, professional practice consultant; George Shafer, nurse manager; and the Therapeutic, Intervention, Presence, and Sanctuary (T.I.P.S.) Team
Penn Medicine Pennsylvania Hospital

Patient safety and patient experience go hand in hand, and structures and processes must be in place create a cohesive, consistent approach to care—especially at a teaching hospital that is part of a large academic health system, like Penn. So a team determined that the following behaviors were necessary to put patients’ needs first:

Therapeutic—convey respect for a person’s well-being through words and body language

Intervention—assist or refer to staff who can help

Presence—be mindful of where you are and who you are with

Sanctuary—create an atmosphere that makes patients, families, and staff feel safe

To present these Essential Behaviors for all interactions, known as T.I.P.S., to staff in a fun and impactful way, the team created a professional video highlighting employees and patients describing their care experiences with T.I.P.S behaviors. It includes employees from many departments, from clinical staff to executive leadership—emphasizing that T.I.P.S was a strategic priority. The 10-minute video was shown in 30-minute sessions and is available to all employees on the hospital’s intranet, as well as to patients. It is reviewed annually and as needed at the unit/department level. It is also available to patients. The T.I.P.S. initiative also included commitment pledges, posters, badge buddies, and story sharing about positive behaviors.

The Essential Behaviors have had a positive impact on the patient experience; the hospital’s overall rating rank has increased by 44 points, and by 20 points in its “likelihood to recommend” score. There also has been a noticeable shift in employee behavior toward prioritizing patients’ needs.

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