I AM Patient Safety 2019: Best Use of Authority Resources Award

Sandra Bach, safety coach champion; Aileen Bojko, safety coach champion and clinical nurse manager; Jadwiga Bobowska, risk manager and patient safety officer; Susan Reichenbach, vice president and chief quality officer; and Tracy Duffy, director of Staff Development
Phoenixville Hospital

Good catch reporting is an important component of a facility's patient safety program, as it promotes a culture of safety and enhances employee engagement.

Phoenixville Hospital's Safety Coach Committee routinely reviews and reports the findings from Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority Advisory articles. Following the September 2017 Advisory article "Promote a Culture of Safety with Good Catch Reports," the committee recommended analysis of hospital data to determine its ratio of good catches to serious events.

They used the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System (PA-PSRS) harm scores and reporting tool described in the article and calculated good catch-to-serious event ratios, which were below the 2016 statewide ratios. Subsequently, they decided to develop a Good Catch Program and shared their findings with senior administrative leadership, who fully supported the initiative.

The Good Catch Program, which employed the best practices referenced in the Advisory article, debuted in March 2018 during Patient Safety Week. The committee sent emails to staff educating them on the definitions, rationale, benefits, and procedures for good catch reporting. They also engaged staff with online surveys to vote on a logo for the program and take a good catch quiz at the end of Patient Safety Week. Phoenixville's safety coaches promoted awareness and reporting of good catches via the facility's online event reporting system, and they formed subcommittees to administer quarterly Good Catch awards.

In the first quarter following the launch of the Good Catch program, the facility's good catch-to-serious event ratio doubled. Furthermore, analysis of good catches by event type provides important information for process improvement initiatives.


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