I AM Patient Safety 2019: Executive Director's Choice Award


Transport Team
UPMC Hamot

April Murphy, MSN, RN, director of Transport Team; Donald Schmidt, manager of Transport Team; and team members Corey Akerly, Michael T. Anderson, Dezmon Beason, Michael M. Birchfield, Miguel A. Claudio, Douglas Davis, Amos L. Dean Jr., Kayla M. Duck, Robert Dunlop, Latiff C. Foster, James T. Gadomski, William G. Galloway, Jason A. Gromley, Alondre M. Hamilton, Peter Hamilton, Shaun M. Jewell, Tyasia L. Jones, Offel Jordan, Aaron Julian, David A. King, Brandy Lowery, Michael D. Newell, Michael W. Olszewski, Jacke Pesante Montalvo, Kaitlyn M. Rowe, Andy Showers, Trevor L. Simpson, Melissa A. Spain, Daniel R. Stevens, Patrick A. Tarasovitch, Matthew Viszneki, Tracy Watson, and Gerald L. Zameroski

The Transport Team at UPMC Hamot places patients first every day! Thirty-three team members work together 24/7 to support clinical staff by moving patients as efficiently and safely as possible—averaging 400 patient moves a day. They also respond to emergency situations and perform compressions during patient resuscitations. Implementation of the TeleTracking System has taken the Transport Team to new heights: Prior to implementation, transporters were decentralized, with each person assigned to a specific department unless needed elsewhere; however, transporters are now dispatched by proximity and priority—resulting in increased efficiency, improved transport times, and cross-training throughout the hospital. They now coordinate multiple tests into one trip, which has greatly enhanced patient safety and satisfaction. The Transport Team is trained to better understand the needs of patients with disabilities and is seen as an advocate and resource in this patient population. The team also provides training on the mechanical lift for all new nurses and PCTs during employee orientation.

The Transport Team has been responsible for five good catches in the last six months, and in 2018, three transporters received the prestigious Josie King Award for their quick responses to a patient in distress. Day in and day out, the transporters strive to offer the best possible patient experience during transport by maintaining good, open communication during hand-off and treating each patient as if they were a member of their own family.

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