I Am Patient Safety 2018: Best Use of Authority Resources Award

Janeen Smith, BSN, RN; Ann-Louise Jeffery, MSN, RNC-MNN; Liz Waterhouse, RNC-OB;  Jodi Levine, MD, FAAP; Trish Ward, MSN, RNC-OB; and Katie Costantini, MSN, RNC-MNN
Chester County Hospital
I Am Patient Safety 2018 winners of the "Best Use of Authority Resources" award.

Infant falls in the hospital can be devastating for both families and staff members as well as traumatizing or injurious to the infants. In fiscal 2016, three infant falls occurred on the Mother Baby unit. Staff on the Mother Baby unit set a goal to reduce infant falls by providing education to both staff and families. After participating in a Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority webinar, a multidisciplinary team used a systematic quality-improvement process to develop an infant safety bundle for the Mother Baby unit. The group created a safety agreement to engage patients in keeping their families safe. Educational materials such as safety posters and crib clings were also introduced to reinforce learning. The team produced its own infant safety video for families to view as part of their orientation to the unit. It is shown to all patients within the first four hours of admission. The video is also available to educate family members and friends via the hospital's television network and website. Feedback for the bundle has been positive with patients expressing appreciation and support. The infant safety bundle was implemented in July 2016 and the unit has had zero infant falls since its inception.

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