Pa Patient Saf Advis 2016 Sep;13(3):123.
Correction: Clostridium difficile Infections in Long-Term Care Facilities
Gerontology; Infectious Diseases
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Adkins J. Data Snapshot: Clostridium difficile infections in long-term care facilities. Pa Patient Saf Advis 2016 Jun [cited 2016 Sep 19].;13(2)/Pages/74.aspx

This article contained statements and data representations in error on pages 74 and 75. The statements should indicate that from January 2010 through December 2015, long-term care facilities reported 13,100 Clostridium difficile infections to the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority. Figures and the Table should reflect this number of event reports. Corrections have been made. The editor regrets the error.


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