Pa Patient Saf Advis 2016 Jun;13(2):80.
Correction: Preoperative Screening and the Influence on Cancellations and Transfers: An Ambulatory Surgical Facility Collaboration

Gardner LA, Bomboy J. Preoperative screening and the influence on cancellations and transfers: an ambulatory surgical facility collaboration. Pa Patient Saf Advis [online] 2014 Mar [cited 2016 Jun 15].;11(1)/Pages/15.aspx

This article contained statements in error on pages 15 and 17. The statements should indicate that ambulatory surgical facility transfer rates decreased 14.7%, from 1.21 transfers per 1,000 admissions preintervention to 1.03 transfers per 1,000 admissions postintervention. Corrections have been made to the online article. The editor regrets the error.


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