Pa Patient Saf Advis 2016 Jun;13(2):41.
Innovation is Key to Ongoing Success


Regina M. Hoffman







Regina M. Hoffman, MBA, BSN, RN, CPPS
Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority

Editor’s Note

In April 2016, the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority Board of Directors named Regina M. Hoffman executive director of the Authority following the March retirement of its previous executive director, Michael C. Doering. Most recently, Hoffman oversaw the Authority’s patient safety liaison and education programs.

Innovation is Key to Ongoing Success

I am fortunate to step into the role of executive director at a time of considerable momentum. Since its inception, the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority has grown in breadth and depth to provide Pennsylvania’s healthcare facilities with quality patient safety resources, and it has become an esteemed leader in the field.* Much of the Authority’s progress and reputation are a result of Michael Doering’s forward-thinking leadership and dedication over the past nine years. During Mike’s tenure, the Authority’s database of patient safety events grew to one of the largest in the world, the challenge of reporting standardization was tamed, facility reporting of healthcare-associated infections and follow-up education began, a team of patient safety liaisons was formed to serve as a frontline resource to acute healthcare facilities, and collaborative work became a key service. Working with Mike was a pleasure and we all wish him happiness in his retirement.

Although Pennsylvania’s healthcare facilities have made great strides in patient safety, important work still lies ahead. To adapt to the complexities and pace of change, we need to think and act differently—more so than ever before. For this reason, the Authority will seek to employ innovative strategies both internally and externally to truly move the patient safety bar to the next tier across our commonwealth. Innovation will not be an initiative for us; rather, it will serve as the foundation on which our future is built. Within the Authority, we will embrace creative problem-solving methods to spark fresh thoughts and foster an environment that encourages curiosity, ambitious ideas, and constructive change. We will use innovation to enhance our existing projects and services while pushing boundaries to help facilities develop unique insights into patient safety and discover untapped opportunities. We will continue to pursue and support collaborative relationships both within and outside of healthcare. There is much to learn from other industries; I believe they may hold the key to solving some of our most significant patient safety challenges.

I am optimistic about our future and feel confident that, with Pennsylvania healthcare facilities as our partners, we can make healthcare safer for our families, friends, and fellow commonwealth citizens. I look forward to serving in this role and encourage you to contact me at any time ( with questions or suggestions for making healthcare safer for patients in Pennsylvania.


* See the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority’s 2015 annual report for snapshots of the Authority’s recent and overall work.

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