Pa Patient Saf Advis 2008 Mar;5(1):34-5.
PA-PSRS Data Snapshot: Anoxic Encephalopathy
Anesthesiology; Surgery
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PA-PSRS staff identified 31 reports submitted from June 2004 to June 2007 that indicated an outcome of anoxic encephalopathy. A brief synopsis of each report can be found in the table. We saw no unusual patterns and gained no insights beyond what is already known about the importance of expertly managing the airway and monitoring patients, especially sedated patients. Not all anoxic brain injuries resulted from hypoxia; some resulted from hypoperfusion secondary to uncontrolled bleeding. According to the reports, more than half of the patients died (17 of 31). (See Table.)

PA-PSRS Data Snapshot: Anoxic Encephalopathy


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