PA PSRS Patient Saf Advis 2007 Sep;4(3):71.
Authority Board Approves Infection Control Advisory Panel

The Patient Safety Authority’s Board of Directors has  approved a 13-member panel of infection control experts to help implement Act 52 of 2007. Act 52 was signed into law in July 2007 to help reduce and eliminate healthcare-associated infections in Pennsylvania’s hospitals and nursing homes. 

Members of the advisory panel include the following:  

  • Erick J. Bergquist, MD, PhD  
  • Dorothy Borton, RN, BSN, CIC  
  • Patrick J. Brennan, MD 
  • Kenneth Brubaker, MD 
  • Susan E. Coffin, MD, MPH 
  • Daniel Haimowitz, MD, FACP, CMD
  • Sharon L. Jacobs, RN, MS, CIC 
  • Emily McCracken, MPH 
  • S. Candy Mulholland, RN, MSN 
  • Carlene A. Muto, MD, MS 
  • Stephen Ostroff, MD 
  • Abby Weand, RN 
  • Linda Winston, MSN, CIC 

The Authority plans to convene the first meeting of the panel in October 2007. More information on the advisory panel, including responsibilities, selection criteria, and affiliations, is available on the Authority’s Web site at Information on Act 52 is also available.


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